Welcome to Nara Kokusai.

Let’s Be Global Citizens.

Opening in April of 2020, Nara Prefectural Kokusai High School strives to be the first public high school of its kind that aspires to develop students who are internationally and globally prepared for the changing world. Our students are not only skilled in their native languages, but they are also working diligently on their English ability while honing their skills in a second (and for some students a third) foreign language.

Our Mission.

Nara Kokusai and its staff are committed to instilling these 4 main principles into its students and curriculum:

  • Develop students who are globally and internationally adept, active and willing to communicate with a diverse array of different people, and contribute to the peace and well-being of the international community.
  • Foster strongly inquisitive and self-determined students who will bring forth positive change to the communities and world around them.
  • Establish an environment wherein which students develop a mindset that teaches them to respect themselves as well as others.
  • Cultivate students to be healthy and capable individuals that will readily take the initiative and help play an active role in society and the world.

Garr Reynolds (Honorary Principal)

“Teachers at Nara Kokusai are fantastic. The educational approach here will help you all reach your full potential. Not just as diligent and intelligent students, but also as kind, compassionate young people who care about the future of Nara, and Japan, and wish to make the world a better place.”

Our Vision.

A Truly International Experience

Our school has had exchange students from Cambodia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines, Sweden, and Thailand so far, and we are excited to host more in the future as the coronavirus pandemic subsides. We are equally as excited for our students to have the opportunity to exchange thoughts, ideas, cultures, as well as interact with fellow students from various countries around the world in the years to come.

We strive for our students to be…


Acquiring knowledge in order to find solutions to a variety problems.

Career Engineers

Actively working towards career and life goals.


Adopting new ideas and innovative ways of thinking.


Building each other up through cooperation and collaboration.


Overcoming trials through perseverance and progressing forward.


Understanding the importance of being receptive to new cultures and ideas.

The Curriculum

Adopting a Global Mindset

Information and Communications Technology (I.C.T.)

Global Studies

English Program

World Languages

Become a Pioneer.

Nara Prefectural Kokusai High School

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